Oscar Guerra

Headshot portrait and graphic design for the Campaign to Elect Oscar Guerra for Cameron County Commissioner PCT 4.


I was contacted by the Guerras yesterday to capture a headshot of Oscar who has decided to run for county commissioner in south Texas. This is my final week of freelance work in south Texas as a resident as I am relocating to Tennessee next week, so I’m taking on some very small jobs for fun and supplemental income to help with the move.

I was able to fit in their session this morning and they were happily surprised that I was able to bring my mobile photo studio to them. I recently adjusted my preference of composition to shoot in landscape but save for the square aspect ratio. This gives me a lot of freedom in editing to crop for various aspect ratios later, such as widescreen, square, and vertical.

My Canon 6D Mark II gives me a lot of megapixels to work with, and the quality is fantastic even when zoomed in quite a bit. This is how I also shoot my video work since I am often asked to later recompose a video for social media. “Capture wide, then crop in” is a throwback to medium format photography, but now with 4K and 6K sensor video cameras, and 24MP stills cameras, that axiom works very well in today’s commercial photography landscape.

I was able to get the photography delivered to the client same-day, and finished the flier for their meet and greet event happening next weekend. I even got the client an 8×10″ crop of the headshot so they could have a nice portrait! Great time!

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