A&P Quality Care Medical

Matching a website’s staff photography with new headshots in Harlingen, Texas.


Austin, Texas, medical supplies provider A&P Quality Care Medical reached out to me in December 2020 to photograph new headshots of their Harlingen, Texas, branch employees. I needed to ensure my work matched the style of the established headshots taken for the company’s website, which I used as a reference.

On the morning of December 17, I brought my mobile photo studio — consisting of Interfit Honey Badger strobes and collapsible soft boxes — to A&P’s Harlingen branch office. I used a clean white wall, a single strobe, and a c-stand. The photo session was completed in about an hour. After working on the photos at my home office I delivered the final images to the client that afternoon.

My photography finally went live on the A&P website in February 2021.

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